Technology Overview

To create a convincing artificial audio environment for a user wearing headphones, sound processing must faithfully reproduce the acoustic spatial cues which would have been received at the ears in a real-world environment. These cues include those created by scattering off the listeners’ body (using a head-related transfer function or HRTF) and cues due to the environment (using customizable room models). RealSpace 3D achieves high resolution by including proprietary adjustments necessary to accommodate the complex interplay between the two cues.

Our proprietary algorithms are efficient, and are already being incorporated in gaming engines. A native library and a Unity plugin are available. The latter supports complex scripting, and allows the game designer to interactively design the audio experience. Perception of 3D is enhanced when the HRTF of the user is customized. VisiSonics is developing technologies for HRTF personalization resolved by rapid measurement on anthropometry (physical measurements), and machine-learning based customization from an HRTF database.

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