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RS3D Unity Plugin FAQ

Do I have to write scripts to interact with RS3D?

It is not necessary to write scripts in order to hear your sound objects emit 3D sounds. You can just set your sound objects in the scene and via the Inspector enter the params you wish on the AudioSource and RealSpace™ 3D takes care of the rest. Scripting allows those developers that wish to have more control take over how and when their 3D sounds will be heard or not.

I do not hear any sound at all, what’s happening?

RealSpace™ 3D uses the Unity engine so there must be at least one Unity AudioListener in the project. Normally, the Unity AudioListener is on the MainCamera. You can place the RealSpace™ 3D Audio Listener on the Main Camera as well, it will not interfere.

I have scripted my RS3D sound source to play OnAwake and it does not.

RealSpace™ 3D uses the Unity Awake to initialize everything it needs to do so the AudioSources have not finished completely building out. Use the Unity “Start” method if you want your RealSpace™ 3D sound sources to start immediately when the level starts.

How can I control the sound quality of RS3D?

In the RealSpace™ 3D AudioListener you can set different HRTF settings or in the RealSpace™ 3D AudioSource you can play around with the “Room Reflection Coefficients” and the “Advance” settings.

You can also in the Unity Editor select the Project Settings/Audio/Set DSP Buffer and choose from the listed options of Default, Best Latency, Good Latency, or Best Performance. RealSpace™ 3D will read these options and provide the best quality available at these settings.

I keep getting "Insufficient Threads" and a Unity crash.

This is usually a Unity error due to the user running multiple monitors on a PC. We have found the way to correct this is to open a command prompt and choose “Run As Admin”. Navigate to /Program Files (x86)/Unity/Editor (or wherever you have installed Unity…find the Editor folder) and run Unity from the command prompt with the following command, “unity –force-d3d11”.

Why does my RS3D Audio Source have 2 "Environment Setters?"

It should not have 2 “Environment Setters.” If you find that you do it is most likely that your mono behavior scripts were lost on a re-import, or copy. If you find that you do have 2 simply delete the one that is not associated with the yellow wire frame. I suggest viewing the sound source in the Unity “Scene” window, then delete the “Environment Setter.” If the yellow wire frame disappears you have deleted the wrong one. Simply use the Unity Edit menu and undelete then delete the correct one.

Why do I see "NullReferenceException" when I remove an audioclip from an RS3D sound source?

You are probably switching sounds on your audio source. This is Unity letting you know the sound source has no audio clip. You can ignore this message and assign your new audio clip.

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