RS3D Updates to Unity 5.2!

We are pleased to announce RealSpace 3D Audio Unity Plugin v0.11.0!

With v0.11.0, RS3D has been incorporated into the new Unity 5.2 Spatializer Native Audio Plugin architecture.

This new approach by Unity allows RealSpace 3D to do its processing down to the metal which means performance increases in speed and lower memory use.

Also new to RS3D is the ability to incorporate a personalized HRTF (please contact VisiSonics if you are interested in a personalized HRTF), the ability to update an expired RS3D license in a build for end-users, and improvements to room reflections. For a full list of features and enhancements, please refer to the readme included with the download package.

Ready today is RS3D Audio Plugin for Unity Windows/MacOSX/Android. Please note that this release only works with Unity 5.2 and above. We will still maintain our 5.1 plugin for a short period of time but it will be deprecated in the near future.

Click on the photo below to download RealSpace 3D Audio Plugin v0.11.0 for the Unity 5 Gaming Engine.