RS3D Now Integrates with the Unity Audio Mixer!

We are pleased to announce RealSpace 3D Audio Unity Plugin v0.10.7.

With v0.10.7, RS3D now supports integration with the Unity AudioMixer via the RealSpace 3D AudioSource. AudioSource also features an API for loading Unity AudioMixerGroup via scripting.
Other new RS3D features include support for the Samsung Gear VR. Bug fixes include a, now, fully functional “Doppler Effect” setting in the RS3D plugin GUI. For a full list of features and enhancements, please refer to the readme included with the download package.
Ready today are plugins for Unity Windows/MacOSX/Android, and for iOS. Please note that we have discontinued all support for our Unity 4 plugin so that we may focus our efforts on making the best possible Unity 5 experience.
Click on the photo below to link to our Developers page which features downloads for the “Beta” RealSpace 3D Audio Plugin for the Unity 5 Gaming Engine.