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    Hey Mike,

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Just downloaded the files for the wwise integration. In the tutorial it is looking for the files AkRS3DRoom.h/cpp, AkRS3DOccluder.h/cpp, AkRS3DSoundSource.h/cpp, AkRS3DGameBlob.h/cpp, and , MixerStubFXFactory.h. I found the last two in the singleroomgl_wwise2016 folder. But I cannot find the others. In that folder is a sound.h/.cpp and a singleroom.h/cpp. Not unless you changed the names of these files, then the tutorial should reflect that.

    I have also searched in the Realspace3d_wwise_Plugin >2015/2015, in the include folder there is only the stubfxfactory, in both 2015 and 16.


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    Hi Rob,

    The Wwise to Unreal 4 integration codes can be found towards the bottom of the download page
    under the link
    REALSPACE3D AUDIO WWISE/UE4.10&UE4.12 INTEGRATION CODE within the WWISE_2016 folder.

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    Wow… I am blind thanks Mike.


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