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      Our API manual needs to be updated but for those looking for how to load their RS3D AudioSources with the Unity Mixer via script. Below are the API calls and a sample…

      void rs3d_LoadAudioMixerGroup(string sAudioMixer, string sAudioMixerGroup, int nIndex);

      void rs3d_LoadAudioMixerGroup(AudioMixerGroup theAMG, int nIndex)

      Sample use…

      theAudioSource = GameObject.Find(“Cube”).GetComponent(“RealSpace3D_AudioSource”) as RealSpace3D.RealSpace3D_AudioSource;

      void LoadAudioMixerGroup()
      AudioMixer theAMG = Resources.Load(“RodsAudioMixer”) as AudioMixer;

      if(theAMG == null)
      Debug.LogWarning(“Could not load RodsAudioMixer”);

      theAudioSource.rs3d_LoadAudioMixerGroup(theAMG.FindMatchingGroups(“Master”)[0], 0);

      theAudioSource.rs3d_LoadAudioMixerGroup(“RodsAudioMixer”, “SlickRickDaRuler”, 1);

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