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      I add the areospace 3d plugin in Unity, and develop a simple game, i add Real Space Audio Listener, RS3D Audio source with mp3 file and RS3D virtual room. Besides, i also uncheck unity audio listener.
      It can play music in windows system, but can not work in Android System. The unity version is 5.3, and the android version is LL.
      Do you know what is wrong is it? Thanks.

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      Hello JimChung,

      You need to keep the Unity AudioListener enabled. Also, to get the 3D audio you must go to the Unity menu Edit/Project Settings/Audio and in the Inspector window in the “Spatializer Plugin” select RealSpace3D Audio.

      You should be able to play in the Unity/Editor now. When you go to build for Android make sure in the project settings that you select the CPU as ARMV7. You must also disable the other RS3D plugins for windows, mac, etc and select in the Inspector the one for Android.

      Be sure to check out the documentation on the site here and also the samples for API scripting.


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      thanks, i fixed it.

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