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      Hi. I’ve tried to use Unity iOS Plugin and faced two issues.

      1. wrong link to iOS plugin
      2. dynamic code generation of fft library

      1. wrong link to iOS plugin

      I clicked REALSPACE 3D AUDIO V0.10.7 IOS on the unity download page, which url is .
      The link sent me This archive wasn’t ios plugin but windows / mac / android one.
      I think looks correct url for ios plugin.
      Actually, I can run my iOS app with this plugin.

      2. dynamic code generation of fft library

      My iOS app with RealSpace3D can run while debugging with xcode, however it won’t run standalone without xcode.
      Any app can’t generate code dynamically on iOS device, but it can during debugging with xcode.

      I inspected a crashlog, googled it, and I found a solution for this problem.
      It says “the FFTS library has an option –disable-dynamic-code.”
      Can I fix this problem?

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      Hello Chiepomme,

      Sorry about the wrong link. We will correct that now.

      We will also have to build the latest version of our plugin for iOS. We haven’t had anyone interested in the iOS so sort of fell off on the update. However, we’ve moved on to Unity 5.2 to take advantage of the new Spatialization Architecture. So, you would have to upgrade. I’ll rebuild the latest iOS version tomorrow.

      Can you email to"> and I can email you directly.


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      Thank you for the support!

      RealSpace3D Audio is super-exciting product especially with cardboard SDK!
      I was shocked and surprised by its sound.
      In Japan, VR application is in vogue, so they must have interest to RealSpace3D.

      I’m so happy to hear your update plan!
      I’ll try when it updates and will write an Japanese article about that.

      Can I ask you a question?
      Can I release the iOS app with RealSpace3D on Apple App Store?
      I couldn’t find the lisence about indie app distribution.

      Thanks a lot!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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