Cyberpunk VR Experience “Technolust” Showcases RealSpace 3D Audio!

When Iris Productions sent us their demo of Technolust, utilizing RealSpace 3D Audio, we were impressed by the realism and attention to detail. The demo has been making the rounds in the VR community, and the positive response to our 3D audio technology is exciting!

Check out what reviewers around the web are saying about Technolust and RealSpace 3D Audio:

David Whelan over at Virtual Reality Reviewer writes that “…the 3D positional audio is such a step up from the normal stereo audio we have heard in the past that it really does have a profound effect on the overall experience. When you tilt your head towards a sound source such as the radio or phone you can really tell its direction and even its location from sound alone. The positional audio system is powered by RealSpace 3D which Oculus recently licensed and used to great effect with its Crescent Bay demos.”

Todd Rudderham at The Rift Arcade writes, “As for the positional audio, it really does work.” He goes on to say that “…when playing the game you’ll feel as though the in-game music is actually come from speakers within the room.”

You can check out the full review at:

Technolust – A Way Out Demo Oculus DK2

And for more information about Technolust, you can visit their Kickstarter page here: