"Sound is half the experience in seeing a film."

-George Lucas

In VR, as in real life, our visual field covers approximately an eighth of the space surrounding us. We then rely on spatial hearing to find out where the "action" is in our surroundings. The accuracy of perceived sound position is so important in VR that if the audio and visuals are not consistent, the attention of your audience will be focused in the wrong location. RealSpace 360 Cinema allows you to add accurate spatial audio to your 360 videos.

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A Visual and Intuitive Workflow

Import Your Audio and Video

  • Audio support includes WAV, mp3, etc. at various sample rates and bit depths
  • Video support for .mp4 H.264 encoded videos at various framerates
  • Designed as the final step to your audio authoring

Spatialize Your Audio

  • Using key frames on each track, each track is represented as an object in 3D space (full XYZ control)
  • Volume automation also uses key frames for easy mixing

Export your Audio and Video

  • Full support for Youtube and Facebook 360 video platforms (includes all metadata injection on export)
  • Ambisonic output up to 7th order
  • support pass through stereo tracks (called head-locked -Facebook only)
  • Live HMD preview (Windows only)
    • HTC Vive, Oculus Rift (CV1), and OSVR

RS360 simplifies the workflow of spatial audio design for 360 video.

RS360 Exports to Youtube 360 and Facebook 360

RealSpace 360 Cinema demo - Rally Race

This demo was created using RealSpace 360 Cinema (RS360) and features 1st order B-format ambisonics for YouTube playback. RS360 is a standalone app (macOS and Windows) providing powerful 3D audio spatialization technology empowering 360 video content creators.RS360 provides users with a visually intuitive object-based editing workflow for easy placement of sounds in 3D space. Users have full control over volume and XYZ keyframes for precise control of 3D sound and overall mix. Once the project's audio mix is complete, users can simply export their mix as ambisonics (including auto-injection of metadata into the video file) for proper YouTube and Facebook 360 playback.VisiSonics also empowers VR developers with plugins for Unity and Wwise (Unreal and FMOD coming soon.) Check out our website at www.realspace3daudio.comNote: the 360 video was created by Experius and we thank them for permission to showcase our 3D audio!

Posted by VisiSonics on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Simcoemedia Graphic Design Featuring RS360

Ambisonics version of “One More Chance” music video created in 3D 360 format by Pete Simcoe

Simcoemedia Graphic Design and Video Production Showreel

RS360 Integration With HumanEyes Vuze Camera

VisiSonics is proud to announce our partnership with Humaneyes to bring RealSpace 3D Audio technology integration with their Vuze 360 video camera. Now you can get the same great positional audio as heard in our RS3D Unity Plugin for 360 video recording and edit your 360 sound with included tools.

In addition to audio integration, the Vuze 360 Camera will also now be packaged with our powerful sound editing software for 360 video, RealSpace 360 Cinema. Drop, drag, and place sounds where and when you want them in 360 degrees. Intuitive and accurate, it's the best available audio solution for 360 video.