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VisiSonics welcomes collaboration with Prof. Mathias Zwicker

VisiSonics is proud to announce that Mathias Zwicker, a chaired professor at UMD computer science will work with us! “Collaborating with VisiSonics and Ramani Duraiswami will be interesting as sound and visual elements are important for complete immersion in a VR environment,” Zwicker said. “The work is an interesting extension of what I’m doing.”

Independence Acres Interview

  David, congratulations on being the winner of The Power of 3D Audio Contest! When the RS3D team demos Independence Acres, everyone loves it. There is something compelling about the arcade-like gameplay and the quirky premise that keeps people entertained. It’s so much fun that our demo lines are getting backed up! I would like […]

RS3D Updates to Unity 5.2!

We are pleased to announce RealSpace 3D Audio Unity Plugin v0.11.0! With v0.11.0, RS3D has been incorporated into the new Unity 5.2 Spatializer Native Audio Plugin architecture. This new approach by Unity allows RealSpace 3D to do its processing down to the metal which means performance increases in speed and lower memory use. Also new […]

RS3D Now Integrates with the Unity Audio Mixer!

We are pleased to announce RealSpace 3D Audio Unity Plugin v0.10.7. With v0.10.7, RS3D now supports integration with the Unity AudioMixer via the RealSpace 3D AudioSource. AudioSource also features an API for loading Unity AudioMixerGroup via scripting. Other new RS3D features include support for the Samsung Gear VR. Bug fixes include a, now, fully functional […]

Significant Update to RealSpace 3D Audio Unity Plugin!

We are pleased to announce the release RealSpace 3D Audio v0.10.2. Listening to our user feedback, we have completely reorganized the workflow of RS3D. The “Environment Setter” has been removed and all room settings are done via the RS3D_VirtualRoom. RealSpace VirtualRooms only have to be created once and your 3D audio sources will take on the […]

VR Demo “Fixing Incus” Now Available!

“Fixing Incus” is a new VR demo by Nick LaMartina, featuring RealSpace 3D Audio. The demo provides a quick glimpse into a mysterious sci-fi themed installation where characters clad in futuristic environmental suits attempt to repair you, the robot Incus. Journey through this other-worldly compound in Virtual Reality (with an Oculus DK2 and Headphones) as […]

RealSpace 3D Audio Unity Plugin Updates to v0.9.9!

We are pleased to announce the release of an update to our RealSpace 3D Audio plugin!   New features of v0.9.9 include the option to disable RS3D Audio logging to the client window, better tonality on 3D audio sound and many bug fixes. For a full list of the fixes see the readme included with […]